Description of the facility

The salon is partially accessible. It is located in a larger commercial building that has three access points. Orientation in the building is seriously impeded due to the building’s design and the inadequate signage in the building to the salon. The building has a lift. The Tesla Centre spaces include a smaller waiting area and a salon where movement is impeded to wheelchair users due to the small surface area. The salon does not have accessible toilet rooms.


People with mobility impairments:

  • There is an accessible parking spot near the entrance,
  • The main entrance to the building is accessible,
  • There is a suitably sized lift in the building.

People with visual impairments:

  • The lift buttons have raised tactile letters.


People with mobility impairments:

  • There is not sufficient room to manoeuvre in the salon,
  • The building does not have accessible sanitary facilities.

People with visual impairments:

  • The signage in the building in unsuitable
  • The path from the entrance to the building to the salon space is not marked,
  • There are abrupt transitions from light to dark spaces in the building,
  • The edges of stairs do not have contrasting visual markings.

People with hearing impairments:

  • The salon is not equipped with an induction loop,
  • The waiting room is not adequately lit and does not enable lip-reading and interpreting facial expressions.