EU Disability Card


About EU Disability card

EU Disability card presents a free way to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

The card offers you the right to discounts on items such as tickets, sports activities, books, services, and more.

The card is officially recognized in Slovenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Italy, Malta, and Romania, and it can also be obtained by children with special needs.

You can obtain the card for free at any administrative unit.

EU disability card
EU disability card

If you wish to obtain a discount card, you can do so at any administrative unit. They can also provide you with additional information related to acquiring the card.

Bring a current personal photograph and documentation of your disability status to the administrative unit. At the administrative unit, they will verify your eligibility for the card. Once the card is ready, it will be sent to your home address.

If you have trouble obtaining the card, or if you have additional questions, write to us at: We will be happy to assist you.


We invite you to join the network of organizations connected by the European Disability Card. The project provides people with disabilities with more consistent treatment and specific benefits both at home and in other EU countries. Slovenian citizens and tourists from EU countries can use the discount card to plan trips and travel more effectively, making the most of their free time. They are entitled to benefits in the areas of transport, tourism, culture, sports, and other leisure activities.

To include your COMPANY or INSTITUTION among the providers of products or services, please write to us at: or fill this form.

Currently, around 10% of the world’s population, or 650 million people, live with disabilities. In the European Union, there are 80 million disabled individuals, constituting 16% of the total population. This number is roughly equivalent to the combined populations of Belgium, the Czech Republic, Greece, and the Netherlands.

Every 4th European has a family member who is disabled. In Slovenia, there are 170,000 people with disabilities, accounting for 8.5% of the population. According to the World Health Organization, the number of disabled individuals is increasing, primarily due to aging populations and the prevalence of chronic diseases.

It is striking that in countries with an average life expectancy of 70 years, the average person spends about eight years of their life with a disability (source in English*). This demographic includes a growing number of elderly individuals who will significantly increase over the coming decades as potential users. Disabled individuals represent one-sixth of the entire working-age population in the EU, yet their employment rate is relatively low. Due to limited educational and employment opportunities, they often face poorer social and financial circumstances. Therefore, through various benefits, we aim to provide them with more equal opportunities and greater participation in social activities.

* Disability Statistics: Facts & Statistics on Disabilities & Disability Issues;; 5.3. 2015



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the beneficiary of the card?

Anyone who has a status or rights based on disability in accordance with the rules governing pension and disability insurance, vocational rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons, and the field of war invalids is eligible for the card, social protection of mentally and physically handicapped persons, and the regulations governing the education and training of children and adolescents with physical and mental disabilities, or the guidance of children with special needs, such as children with mental disabilities, blind and partially sighted children, deaf and hard of hearing children, deafblind children, physically handicapped children and children with multiple disabilities.

An individual or a person with a decision on physical impairment with at least 90% of physical impairment due to loss of sight or at least 70% of physical impairment due to loss of hearing or other persons with a recognised physical impairment of at least 80%, if cumulated and the minimum percentage for one is at least 70% according to the law governing pension and disability insurance, is also eligible for a benefit card. The card may also be obtained by deaf-blind persons who meet the conditions for the definition of deaf-blindness under the law or regulations governing technical aids and vehicle adaptations and by disabled persons under the regulations of other Member States of the European Union.

The administrative unit may obtain proof of disability or physical impairment ex officio, without the applicant having to provide it, and the attached proof speeds up the process of obtaining the card.

More information:

Where can I benefit from the card?

Benefits are available wherever a special sticker indicates this. Benefits can take many forms, e.g. free entry to events (cultural, sporting), museums, etc. You may be offered various discounts and reduced prices, priority access to events.

All providers in Slovenia are listed here:

The benefits of the card can also be used in countries that already have a card, as well as in individual countries that choose to offer discounts to people with disabilities. If you want to use the card abroad, you need to find providers on the websites of the destination country.

Where and how do you get the card?

You can obtain a card from your nearest Administrative Unit, and you can find out more about it here:

Loss of card, change of surname, extension of card validity

If you lose your card, change your name or renew your card, you should contact the nearest Administrative Unit that issued the card to you.

Can residents of other European countries use their card in Slovenia?

The European Disabled Persons’ Benefits Card can be used in certain countries, namely Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Malta, Romania and Malta.

Benefit from certain benefits outside Slovenia, in other EU countries

Each country determines its own benefits, but they must apply to all disabled card holders. To find out which country’s benefits are available, you need to consult the country’s website. There is currently no single system of benefits for the whole of Europe.

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