Description of the facility

Description of the object
The facility of the reception center of the park is the starting point for a guided entry into the Škocjan Caves or for a visit to the educational circular route. The reception center of the park is very easily accessible. In front of the building’s entrance is a larger parking lot with an adapted parking space. The facility of the reception center is designed on the ground floor around an open atrium from which access to the external ticket office, adapted toilets, information area and the restaurant is possible. The exhibition spaces are located in the basement of the information center and are accessible via an elevator. The exhibition offers several video contents and the possibility of a virtual walk through the Škocjan Caves. The sanitary facilities are adapted and accessible with a Euro key from the external atrium of the facility. In the atrium there is a tactile model for getting to know the surroundings of the park and a tactile map of the reception center for better orientation. The paths around the park or to the caves are circular on a rugged macadam path and have not been graded. Access to the caves is not possible for physically challenged individuals.


  • There is an adapted parking space near the entrance,
  • all entrances to the reception center are accessible (door width and leveled thresholds),
  • there is an elevator of suitable dimensions in parts of the building (information room, museum),
  • there is enough maneuvering space inside,
  • in the facility, there are adapted sanitary facilities that can be accessed from the external atrium of the facility,
  • in the exhibition rooms, the exhibits are at an appropriate height,
  • there are movable seats in the small projection hall in the basement.

Blind and partially sighted:

  • at the entrance there is a tactile map of the facility for orientation around the reception center, as the rooms and individual entrances are arranged around the open atrium of the facility,
  • the object is marked with a suitable information board,
  • the reception desk of the information center and museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the entrance,
  • in the information center and museum there are no sudden transitions from light to dark spaces,
  • signs and inscriptions in the building are at appropriate heights and are contrasting and legible,
  • the buttons in the elevator are embossed,
  • the edges of the stairs are marked in contrast,
  • tactile plans of the facility and a model of the park’s surroundings are available,
  • audio content available (video, virtual walk).

Deaf and hard of hearing:

  • the reception desk is adequately lit and allows reading lips and reading facial expressions,
  • glazing of the reception desk is not reflective or shiny,
  • various educational videos include subtitles.


Mobility impaired:

  • the external cash register is not height-adjusted,
  • the information desk in the facility is not height-adjusted,
  • due to the terrain, access to the caves is impossible for physically challenged people.

Deaf and hard of hearing:

  • no flaws.