Description of the facility

Object Description

The gallery is fairly accessible. In front of the main entrance, there are steps and an external ramp for access. The platform in front of the entrance doors is of inadequate dimensions, making independent entry difficult for wheelchair users (swing doors open outwards). The gallery is located on multiple floors, accessible by an elevator. Exhibition spaces have sufficient maneuvering space and are well-lit. A wheelchair-accessible restroom is provided on the ground floor.


  1. Physically impaired:
  2. The main entrance to the building is (partially) accessible, as the platform in front of the entrance doors is too small to open the doors,
  3. There is enough maneuvering space inside,
  4. There is an elevator of appropriate dimensions in the building,
  5. An adapted restroom is available in the building.
  6. Blind and visually impaired:
  7. The ticket office is located near the entrance but lacks sufficient contrast,
  8. There are no sudden transitions from light to dark spaces in the building,
  9. The buttons in the elevator are tactile.
  10. Deaf and hard of hearing:
  11. The ticket office is well-lit, allowing for lip reading and facial expression reading.


Physically impaired:

  • An adapted parking space is not provided,
  • The platform in front of the entrance doors is too small to open the doors.

Blind and visually impaired:

  • The signage board at the main entrance is inadequate,
  • Signs and notices in the building are not at appropriate heights and lack contrast and readability,
  • Edges of staircases and height differences (in front of the entrance) are not marked in contrast,
  • Selected exhibits do not allow for tactile exploration of the displayed material,
  • Descriptions of the exhibited items are too small.

Deaf and hard of hearing:

  • The ticket office is not equipped with a hearing loop (not a necessary condition).